A week ago, when Globo released the Hoje Sim Podcast with Fabinho, we covered his quotes and found it strange that Liverpool were barely mentioned in the chat.

It turns out that now they’ve released a second part of the interview, with the Reds being the main subject for the entire 58 minutes.

Journalist Cléber Machado showed a lot of curiosity about Fabinho’s relationship with the other Liverpool players, especially regarding the best and the most important athletes in the squad.

First asked about who’s the best player in the team, Fabinho has picked Virgil Van Dijk, explaining how impressed he was with him this season.

“One guy who impresses a lot is van Djik. I hadn’t particularly seen so many games of him. In the games I saw, I focused on the midfield there, I didn’t see much of him,” said Fabinho.

“And man, since the preseason I arrived, following him like that, the guy is sovereign. No one beats him on the air. I think he’s been there for 64 games without being dribbled.

“He’s fast. And it’s funny that it seems like he doesn’t have to make efforts to run. He does it that way, like a big guy, and he easily gets to the ball. Air balls are funny. Because the ball comes and we just hear him shouting “VIRGIL”. And you can let it pass, whoever the attacker is.

“Against Manchester, he impressed me. Because we were going to play against Lukaku. I thought ‘hey Lukaku has his size, let’s see if he will hold up’. My god. Every air ball, it was ‘VIRGIL’, he would run over. You hear ‘VIRGIL’, you get out of the way, because he will come running over.

“I sit between him and Wijnaldum in the locker room. And Van Dijk is a big child. He just plays, makes jokes. He knows some words in Portuguese. Off the pitch he’s a very good guy. And on the pitch he is the guy who charges the most. Who charges everyone and everyone is like ‘okay’. And he’s not afraid of whoever he screams at. Gives everyone a scolding. He has a thick voice, you can hear him from afar.”

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Regarding the leadership, Cléber Machado asked Fabinho if there are any type of behaviour forbidden at the club, but Fabinho claims he never had any problems.

“Virgil on the pitch, I think he’s the one who holds the lead. In the locker room are Henderson, who is the captain, and Milner. These two guys whenever there’s something, are the two that organise a meeting, are the two who talk most in the locker room.

“When I arrived at the club, they were the ones who talked to me the most, guiding me. And it surprised me a little that they are the two of my position. The two who helped me a lot. But there isn’t anything like that, ‘avoid doing this, avoid dancing, joking’. It’s all very normal.”

Fabinho was asked who’s the ‘craque’ of the team, which means the most skilful player, and he’s answered with Mohamed Salah. But when asked about who he would give the Ballon d’Or to, he says it should be Van Djik’s.

Then there would come Lionel Messi and Sadio Mane.