Borussia Monchengladbach’s general manager Max Eberl likes talking. In Germany it’s a given that general managers do.

In English football the best comparison is a director of football, and the ones in the Bundesliga are expected to provide constant updates to supporters, and to fight for their club’s interests.

One worry for Gladbach right now is Mahmoud Dahoud. He’s one of the players most linked with Liverpool. As other claimed Jurgen Klopp targets come and go, Dahoud remains.

Only yesterday we covered SportBild saying Dahoud is one target as part of Klopp’s ‘Meister-Plan’ to bring the title back to Anfield.

Initially questioned on the chances of a January transfer, Eberl said: “As of today: zero percent.”

Maybe if he’d just stuck to the ‘zero percent’, all January light would go out. But he didn’t, although a summer move would seem likelier.

Not wanting to completely clear up the alleged €10m release clause for next summer, Eberl was asked what happens if Dahoud, whose contract ends in 2018, doesn’t renew before the summer: “If the contract in the summer only has this one year remaining, you must automatically consider what has to be done. But today it’s pure speculation. Our desire is to prolong the contract, which is beyond question. So far this has not happened, but we are constantly talking.”

Screen Shot 2016-11-17 at 14.13.46Gladbach have been working on this for a while, that they’ve not had a breakthrough provides further hope to clubs like Liverpool.

Asked if Liverpool, Manchester City, Juventus, Dortmund, or anyone else for that matter, had submitted an offer yet, Eberl replied: “No. There was no offer from any club.”

The longer Dahoud goes without renewing, the more pressure is piled on Gladbach, because without that renewal a summer exit looks likely.

If Klopp is as keen as has been reported then there’s a decent possibility of a deal here… but Liverpool may need to be patient.