If there’s one thing you can do as a Premier League manager to ensure the Catalan press never become your best friends, it’s to threaten to take some young players from La Masia.

Arsenal have become rather prolific at doing this, with the likes of Cesc Fabregas and Hector Bellerin notable additions to squads over the years from Barcelona’s youth teams, while a few others are peppered around the Premier League (Oriol Romeu, Bojan etc…), or have had a stay in England at some stage (Gerard Piqué).

According to Sport on Monday, Liverpool are the latest to send a scout to observe some of the talents on display at Barcelona’s development centre, with no particular targets in mind.

The Catalan newspaper claim Jürgen Klopp has ordered the man in charge of scouting in Spain and Portugal, Kiko Espinar, to take notes on some of the recent performances from Barcelona B, with a few standouts mentioned by Sport.

Marlon (21-year-old centre-back), Nili Perdono (22-year-old right-back), Marc Cardona (21-year-old striker) and Wilfrid Kaptoum (20-year-old centre midfielder) are all names Sport believe will be of interest to Liverpool in the ‘not very distant’ future.

Expect a few stories to undoubtedly emerge from this in the near future.