Despite the pressure that Sporting have been putting on Wolves for the Premier League club to pay for Rui Patrício, it should take a while before the Lions get what they want.

On Wednesday, we covered reports from Portugal which showed that Sporting have sent a complaint to FIFA, requesting a two window transfer ban for Wolves, a six month playing ban for the goalkeeper, plus a payment of €54.7m for the transfer.

Rui Patrício rescinded his contract with Sporting in early June due to the attacks of Alcochete. He and eight other players left the club claiming ‘just cause’.

However, the case hasn’t been judged even in Portugal, as Record reports today. That’s because the organ responsible for Sporting’s appeal, called Comissão Arbitral Paritária, have no quorum to decide it.

The CAP is formed by three professionals, and two have recently resigned. First, president Ricardo Nascimento left for considering that the other two, Madalena Januário and Lúcio Correia, don’t have the conditions to judge the case.

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It happens because Januário is a partner of Tiago Rodrigues Bastos, the lawyer who represents the player’s union. In Correia’s case, he’s made many TV comments showing he’s on the players’ side.

But today, as reported by Record, it was Madalena Januário who left the commission. She considers she doesn’t have the impartiality to judge Rui Patrício’s recision and has also asked to be excused for the other eight cases. That leaves Correia the only one left, and obviously unable to work on his own.

Record reports that Sporting are finding it ‘strange’ that there’s so much silence coming from the league and the player’s union. These two organs should now decide if two new members should be named to the CAP, or if the case is going to Court of Arbitration for Sport.

Meanwhie, Wolves are probably deciding whether to send a big chunk of cash to Sporting and solve everything, or to just watch things burn as the Lisbon side fight for some compensation.