Manchester United and Chelsea fan favourite Juan Mata has been without a club since February, when left Vissel Kobe.

The 36-year-old, however, is not yet retired, and could actually make an interesting comeback this summer.

Angel Garcia, relayed by Estadio Deportivo, today reports that Real Oviedo have opened negotiations to sign Mata.

Long before moving to England for his time with Chelsea and Manchester United, even prior to his arrival at Real Madrid’s academy, the midfielder had played Oviedo. His father spent part of his career as well, and Mata grew up in the area.

Mata is said to be training in London, where he’s getting fit to play again. In a recent interview, he spoke about his Oviedo desire, so it’s clearly something attractive to him.

It’ll be crucial for Oviedo to secure qualification for La Liga before advancing in negotiations with Mata. Right now, they’re set for the play-offs.

Mata left the club in 2003, when he joined Real Madrid, He then played for Valencia, Chelsea, Manchester United, Galatasaray and finally Vissel Kobe.

Now this would be a great chance to go back home as something of a world football treasure.