Since the rumours about Gustavo Cuellar’s move from Flamengo to West Ham United started, things haven’t changed one bit.

A couple of weeks ago, Brazilian journalist Gustavo Henrique said the Hammers were close on signing the player for a fee of around €30m.

The claims were first made on a radio show, then on Twitter and his Youtube channel. He was the only one to report to story, although a couple of Colombian outlets joined the bandwagon on that day.

Although the rest of the Brazilian media ignores the story, which is rare because Flamengo is probably the club with biggest attention from the press, Gustavo Henrique insists on it.

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This Monday, he’s released another video about Flamengo’s transfers telling fans to forget about Cuellar, because the Brazilian side will accept West Ham’s offer and he will be gone after the Copa America.

Even if you don’t understand Portuguese, we’ll leave the video below just so you can see the tone of voice he uses, telling people not to believe any other claims since he’s very sure that Cuellar is joining the Hammers.

Meanwhile, Cuellar admits he could be leaving Flamengo this summer. He’s given a long interview to Globo Esporte, and here are a few quotes about his future.

“Playing in Europe is a dream, yes. I think for all South American players. Brazilian football is very competitive. Who plays here can play anywhere in the world. Playing in Europe is a dream that I hope to fulfill. Obviously, if I leave Flamengo one day, I want to leave through the front door.

“I deal with it very quietly. I’m at a club that has done a lot for me in my career and in my personal life. I’ll be eternally grateful for all that Flamengo have done for my life. Obviously I have dreams to fulfill. I think of Flamengo, the team and the future. I have goals and dreams, but Flamengo are a club that I’ll always carry in my heart.

“In the past window something concrete came, yes. The club didn’t accept it, we decided it was better not to go. Now the window is coming. My representative is taking care of this, and he will tell me whether it has arrived or not. But now I’m focused on Flamengo and the national team.”