It’s not only the English press who are very interested in knowing who the next Tottenham Hotspur manager will be.

In fact, we’ve been getting updates from the Italian media every single day, as many candidates from the job could be coming from Serie A.

Website features a piece today that includes an interview with ESPN journalist Gabriele Marcotti, where he talked about some of the options Spurs have for the summer, but actually turned down most of the possibilities on the table.

The reporter claims that many Italian coaches don’t have a good reputation in England, and that could harm their chances of taking charge of Tottenham so soon.

He also says the London side don’t have the same prestige as some European giants.

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“Perception matters a lot. Tottenham will definitely have a new coach, I think, while Arteta at Arsenal will be confirmed. Sarri doesn’t enjoy a good reputation in England, perhaps unfairly,” said Marcotti.

“I find it unlikely that he’ll show up on a big English bench. The name that often comes up is Max Allegri, but maybe if you are Allegri you do not bet on Tottenham which are not at United’s or PSG’s level.”

“Another name is that of Antonio Conte should he not renew with Inter and leave. The problem is that even Conte doesn’t have a great reputation abroad or rather it’s not as high as it is in Italy. He has the ‘reputation’ as a pain in the ass and this is very frightening.”

In the latest update we covered from Italy, newspaper Gazzetta Dello Sport had been pointing out Maurizio Sarri as a ‘strong candidate’ to take charge of Tottenham.

The coach had been the favourite to be announced by Roma, but due to the arrival of José Mourinho, he is now looking for a new challenge.