Last month, we covered a couple of stories detailing the unfair treatment some Brazilian players from the Premier League get in their own country.

Manchester City midfielder Fernandinho is one of the main victims, as some pundits claimed ‘they wish they had his agent’ during a live TV show recently.

But there are still a few outlets doing a better analysis. Ironically, one of them needs an English journalist for that, which is Tim Vickery.

The BBC correspondent is often invited to chat at Sportv, and shows he has a deeper understanding of Brazilian football than many people born in the country.

Embed from Getty ImagesSportv was pretty fair to Fernandinho, showing the highlights of his season for Manchester City. And as Ederson was recently named by FourFourTwo as the best signing of the season, host André Rizek mentioned the rate of the goalkeeper’s successful passes, and Tim Vickery took a minute to talk about him.

“He was signed for exactly that. Guardiola saw in him a project of Manuel Neuer. Obviously there was the comparison with Claudio Bravo, who didn’t work out. That means Ederson started the season with great pressure. It couldn’t go wrong. After Bravo went awry last season, I got a little worried when I heard Ederson didn’t speak the language. A goalkeeper has to communicate.

“About the players there at City and in England in general, the current Brazilian squad has more England players than any other league, and I have a little bit of concern about that. Because it’s a wearing league, very competitive. In the last World Cups, it’s not only the English team that disappointed. Players who play in England have a chance to reach the end of the season without gas. Obviously, if City can walk the way they are, that risk is less. It is very good to see this idea of football being implanted in English football, having success.”