Jordi Alba rumours have been popping up over the past few weeks, with it very much seeming a play to get the defender a nice new Barcelona contract.

At the end of May, Manchester United and Chelsea were linked by Catalan newspaper Sport, as the player’s agent openly spoke of frustration with Barca for not renewing the player’s current deal yet.

This week has seen Tottenham get the same treatment, and Barca are being pressured into starting talks for a new contract.

Of course, Don Balon have joined the circus and they report Jose Mourinho is ‘willing to do anything’ to sign the fullback. So keen is the Portuguese coach that he’s told those in power at Manchester United to ‘do everything possible’ to secure the Barcelona player.

This is, perhaps strangely (but it’s Don Balon, so to be expected), all presented as a big worry for Lionel Messi, who it’s explained is a friend of the player. Alba is ‘absolutely vital’ for Messi, apparently.

Alba rumours are likely to continue until Barca get that new deal sorted.