Portuguese manager José Mourinho has been honoured today by the city of Setúbal, who gave his name to an avenue.

The inauguration was made this morning where, accompanied by his mother, Mourinho unveiled a plaque presented by Maria das Dores Meira, president of the local council.

Previously known as Avenida da Saúde, the place has a view of the sea, and belongs to a part of town that was recently revitalised by the government.

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Speaking to journalists, Mourinho couldn’t avoid relating the tribute to his life as a manager: “I always say that I’d swap honours for victories. This is, perhaps, the only one that I would not change for victories.” (via Tribuna Expresso).

“It’s a bit of a strange situation for me, because Setubal remains the only city where I feel like myself, where I feel like Zé, where I feel like Zé Mario, where I walk on the street and people treat me how I like them to treat me, as one more, with the normal simplicity of Setúbal and make me feel what I am: a Setubalense like the others.”

Born in Setúbal in 1963, the Manchester United manager has deep roots in the city. His father Felix had been a goalkeeper for local team Vitória, and that’s where some of José’s first contacts with professional football were made, since he was a ball boy for the club.

The council president Maria das Dores Meira has also spoken to the local press, and said: “He is perhaps the most global Setubalense of all time, the one that in any part of the globe is recognised by his success, by his abilities, and it it’s really about the talent that we speak.

“Talent, which combined with knowledge and intelligence, makes great men and great women. This global Mourinho will never supplant, however, our Mourinho from Setúbal, the man who, with the same commitment and pride, played for the Comércio e Indústria de Setúbal and today trains Manchester United.”

Undeniably nice recognition for Mourinho, and a way to brighten his international break.