Every time we watch José Mourinho speaking to the Portuguese press, we wish there was a subtitled version so English people could see the difference.

The former Manchester United manager frequently seems pleased to be interviewed by his home country’s media, talking calmly and smiling. Basically the opposite of what we’ve been used to seeing of him in London or Manchester in recent years.

José Mourinho spoke to CMTV on Thursday, saying he’s enjoying a few days in Portugal to see friends and family.

Surprisingly, there was no direct questions about his departure from Manchester United. The subject wasn’t even approached by CMTV.

However, when asked if he’s joining Benfica, Mourinho had a pretty long answer which included the reasons why he doesn’t comment on his former clubs.

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“I understand the question, but I do not like the answer. I always learned that when you leave a club, you do not talk. When you leave a club, you do not wash dirty clothes, when you leave a club, you do not seek to, at least publicly, do any kind of criticism, it’s an ended chapter and that’s how I always did it.”

Believe it or not, the reporter’s question had been: ‘What about Benfica, aren’t thei part of your possible plans?”

But after the indirect words, Mourinho did answer about Benfica.

“The second thing I learned was to respect the clubs that want me and the clubs that do not want me. So I never wanted to confirm or deny it. A huge respect for those who invite me and who eventually are not interested, a huge respect for those you talk about and that is not true.

“I never entered this game of confirming or denying the news. But perhaps the best way to respect a great club and a great president, who in addition has shown in the long years that we know each other to be a truly friend, is to say anything. And to say anything is to say that I was not invited and, if I was, the president and Benfica would be the first to know my decision. But also helping a little to withdraw the conversation on the subject, I think I can say that at this time, today, I have no intention of working in Portugal.”

Mourinho plans to watch some football in Portugal and he continues his break from the game.