Many Tottenham Hotspur fans have probably seen the club being linked to Porto striker Luis Diaz this week.

This is a rumour which has been going back and forth between the Portuguese, Colombian and English media, with each one crediting the other.

It took us some digging to find the report which started all of this, and it turns out there’s some really interesting information from South America regarding this chase.

The story kicked off on Monday with a tweet from Pasión Tiburora, which is an account dedicated to Diaz’s former club Junior Barranquilla. They only claimed that the striker is wanted by Tottenham, since José Mourinho likes him.

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Then it was time for Win Sports TV journalist Diego Rueda to confirm the news, and come up with a little more information.

He says Tottenham’s interest in the player is ‘real’, and it was José Mourinho who personally asked for the signing, not anyone else from the club.

Diego Rueda says he doesn’t know if a Spurs bid has been made yet, but the first offer would be €12m. Diaz’s former club Junior Barranquilla stand to receive 20% of any transfer.

Luis Diaz had 14 goals and seven assists for Porto this season, and since his contract with the Dragons runs until 2024, we honestly can’t see him leaving Portugal for that much.