Sergio Reguilon loved playing for Sevilla, whilst on loan at the club from Real Madrid last season. The fullback wasn’t only happy at the club, but also with his day to day life in the city.

And part of that in Andalusia is Iberico ham, some of the best tasting slithers of meat on the planet. It can be found around the city and beyond, and it’s clearly something Reguilon became a fan of during his time in Seville.

Jose Mourinho has now posted an image of himself with the Tottenham player, along with the caption: ‘A promise is a promise. It cost me £500 but I keep my promises.’

The Spanish media believe this relates to a promise over beating Manchester City, and if Spurs managed to do so… Reguilon getting his much-loved chunk of Iberico.


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For the Spanish media, the story fits in very well with the recent reporting they’ve done regarding Mourinho. Seen as being much happier at Tottenham than he has been at other recent jobs, it’s been explained repeatedly that this is the best version of the Portuguese manager the world has seen for some time.

Indeed, he probably hasn’t appeared this content since before he moved to Real Madrid. If it takes a £500 leg of Iberico to continue that trend, then so be it.