Liverpool, after Manchester City, are probably the club who have been linked most with a move for Napoli midfielder Jorginho.

The Brazil born Italian international has had another good season for Napoli and that’s continued to attract interest from some of Europe’s biggest clubs. Likely to be one of the sagas of the summer, Jorginho doesn’t have the World Cup getting in the way of a move, and also has an agent who seems excited about all the interest.

Now the representative has confirmed interest from Anfield.

Speaking to Radio Crc in Italy (Quotes via Corriere dello Sport), Joao Santos said: “I’m in Brazil, nobody called me from Naples, but they called me from the English teams, Liverpool, Manchester City, but also Arsenal and Chelsea.

“Open negotiations? Depends on Naploli and sports director GiuntoliOf course it is not difficult to find agreements with teams of this type. I don’t know if a possible goodbye by Sarri would speed up the goodbye of Jorginho, if for Naples it will be positive to capitalise on the offers then we will talk. I don’t know if Jorginho’s future depends on the permanence or otherwise of Sarri.”

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That sounds like Liverpool interest is real, which would mean Jurgen Klopp is planning to have a very strong midfielder next season should he get his way.

Napoli don’t sell cheap, and with Santos talking up the deal, the Italian club will likely try to make an auction situation. That’s if they plan to sell at all.