Diego Costa is starting to look more coward than rebel.

Reportedly, the striker has arrived in London or Madrid about ten times this summer, ready to face the music and get his Chelsea exit sorted out.

But then it’s repeatedly turned out that he didn’t actually leave Brazil. Happy to goad Antonio Costa and Chelsea from a huge distance, the striker hasn’t exactly been keen to get any closer.

It’s oddly reminiscent of when Costa tried to front up to Jordan Henderson, and then lost his bottle when the Liverpool midfielder was clearly not too bothered.

After several Spanish reports Costa has arrived in Madrid, Marca say he hasn’t actually taken the flight.

The Chelsea player was booked on flight JJ8084 leaving Sao Paulo on Monday, and arriving in London on Tuesday, but didn’t actually get on it.

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Chelsea had wanted Costa in London to face the music, but developments over the past few days changed things, so he didn’t take the flight.

Spain’s El Larguero radio show reckons Costa will now travel to London to meet Chelsea on Thursday. The plan is he’ll then issue an apology, and spend a few days training with a Chelsea youth side.

Following that, Costa will be allowed to travel to Madrid and join Atletico for €50m, plus whatever fine Chelsea dish out.

That’s all dependent on him coming out of his hiding place in Brazil.