As Juventus continue to stand as way out for Jadon Sancho to leave Manchester United, we now get mixed messages about that possibility.

Positive news about this rumour comes from Tuttosport, who feature a story covering the English news that Jean Claude Blanc could be the Red Devils’ next CEO following the arrival of Jim Ratcliffe.

The Frenchman had several roles at Juventus in the past, including a few months as a club president, and it’s believed that his good relationship with the club could make things easier for Sancho to leave Manchester United and join the Old Lady.

That’s a theoretical scenario which even makes sense, but outlet also comes up with a piece that doesn’t sound so optimistic about it.

The outlet claims Sancho is ‘not a priority’ for Juventus, and the main reasons are his salary and his tactical position.

Massimiliano Allegri’s team is not in such need of a left winger. And that’s why it wouldn’t be worth making such a heavy investment on his arrival, as he’s said to have a huge salary at Manchester United. That means either the player accepts a big pay cut or the Red Devils continue to cover a major part of it.