Jannik Vestergaard’s start at Southampton was just what the player wanted. He was in the team, and whilst results could have certainly been better, the defender was getting the time he needed to get used to Premier League football.

However, after 5 goals conceded and none scored in two matches against Liverpool and Wolves, Mark Hughes decided to use other options and Vestergaard hasn’t played for his club since September.

Hughes probably feels justified because aside from two heavy defeats to high flyers Chelsea and Manchester City, Southampton have achieved two clean sheets in the matches Vestergaard has missed, against Bournemouth and Newcastle.

Given the defender often likes speaking to the Danish media, it wasn’t going to be long before the topic was taken on.

Speaking to Danish newspaper BT, the footballer has explained: “Of course, it’s disappointing and frustrating that I’ve been out for a few weeks now. At first I saw it as a bit of a defeat, but I quickly realised that it was something that almost everyone in the club has been through.

“But it’s hard to get used to, and that’s something I’ve not really tried before in my career. At least not in this way. It’s a new situation, but at the same time I’m just at a club where there’s lots of competition.”

Vestergaard admits that he’s had to swallow some pride and concentrate on convincing those who matter. The defender says there’s a ‘huge difference’ in his mood if not playing, and that impacts upon his friends and family.

But there’s optimism things are about to change: “When the situation is as it is, it’s obviously bad that I have not played. But at the same time I feel really good, and I think there are good chances for me this weekend.”