Everton midfielder James Rodriguez has insisted he is fit and ready to play after his fitness issues this summer.

Rodriguez is yet to make an appearance for Everton this season, having been dealing with injury issues since the end of last season.

His fitness problems saw him miss the Copa America with Colombia, who sent him home from their camp ahead of the tournament after deeming him unfit.

He did appear in Everton’s pre-season but has been missing since, with Covid issues also playing their part.

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His absence was also due to the ongoing transfer speculation, with Everton seemingly keen to ensure he didn’t pick up any injuries as both the player and the club sought a separation.

That never came about, and now, in one of his regular appearances on Twitch, he’s insisted he’s ready.

“I’ve been coming in for a couple of days now, I had four days off,” AS report him saying.

“I’m preparing myself in case I have to play, I’m ready to do well if I have to play. I’m getting in good shape physically, I’m fine. I’m calm.

“Everton play on Monday, if they want to take me I’m ready, I’m looking forward to playing if it’s my turn.

“I’m very happy because the Everton fans have shown me a lot of affection, if I get to play I’ll play well as always.”

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The midfielder has also hit back at criticism over his recent decision to travel to Ibiza during the international break.

The Everton man was pictured partying and smoking with a large group of friends, which led to fears he would again be forced into isolation due to Covid rules.

That has not been the case, but it still brought about criticism from fans who felt he should be in training rather than partying.

He’s having none of that argument, though, sniping back at one user who asked why he was on Twitch and not training.

“A football player has time to train and to have a drink; he has time for everything,” Marca add him saying.

“It’s nine o’clock at night, the club trains at 10:30am; how am I going to train at this time of day, champ.”