Vincent Janssen in the new blue eyed boy of the Netherlands. The country’s football woes continued last week with a loss to Greece at home, and whilst manager Danny Blind clings to his job, Janssen continues to see his star rise.

Following his move from AZ to Tottenham Hotspur in the summer transfer window, Janssen has really given everything his all, and in an interview with AD has explained the extra effort, and noticing the difference in standards.

Janssen explained: “I’ve never trained so hard. And the first time I noticed, it was like everything happened in a different gear. That intensity demands a lot, but I find I can handle it. Now the trick is to pull through that, even for Oranje.”

AD, in line with the rest of the Dutch media, believe Janssen has an excellent attitude, and that’s helped him settle in since moving to Tottenham.

In the Netherlands it was seen that Janssen was moving to Spurs as one for the future, but he’s already started to impose himself: “I’ve always really had the urge to prove myself. Maybe that’s my greatest talent.”

A goal against Sweden on Tuesday, in a crucial World Cup Qaulifier, and a match that may decide Blind’s future, would go some way to cementing Janssen’s new found status.