It’s been a while since the Italian media started highlighting the dissatisfaction there is regarding the relationship between Watford and Udinese.

Local outlets have been claiming that the Pozzo family’s moves have not always been the smartest, as the Serie A side may have been harmed by recent decisions.

A new piece on this subject is now brought by Calcio Mercato, as they claim Watford continue to be ‘a burden for the Pozzos’ and for Udinese.

The reason this time is a new loan made for the Hornets to get some immediate liquidity. That was made by the owners with Australian bank Macquarie Bank for over €11m.

It’s a factoring loan loan so Watford get more than half of the money for Ismaila Sarr’s sale immediately, rather than in yearly payments.

It’s highlighted that Udinese have been sending ‘substantial aid’ to Watford in the past few years by buying some of their players for probably more than they’re worth, and that has apparently not been enough for green numbers at Vicarage Road.

Even though the Italian side will obviously never make an official comment about the situation, that only shows that fans and press are watching the situation closely. Calcio Mercato are quite strong in claiming this type of situation ‘should be prohibited’ while FIFA and UEFA ‘continue to not do enough’.