If Sunderland want a character who is pretty much the complete opposite to David Moyes then Claudio Ranieri would be a good shout.

Moyes in recent months has had the ability to demotivate on sight and make any sunny day seem irreversibly gloomy. Ranieri, even when things were falling to pieces at Leicester City, and there were serious suspicions about people working against him, was still likelier to offer a smile and some optimism in his eyes.

Italy’s TMW claim that Ranieri is being considered by Sunderland as their next manager. And, whilst TMW claim a lot, it’s not a great surprise.

Ranieri could be the tonic to the Moyes era, but he may not be too interested.

It will be hard job to turn Sunderland around, and the club’s budget isn’t one to impress. After his success with Leicester City, Ranieri may well feel he deserves more than Sunderland, despite how it ended with the Foxes.

The thought of taking over Sunderland is likely more depressing than Ranieri’s darkest worries during his Leicester tenure.