After Tuesday’s claims that Chelsea’s €5m offer to Aurelio de Laurentiis to release Maurizio Sarri from his contract isn’t enough, Il Mattino bring even more pessimism to the table on Wednesday.

According to the Italian newspaper, the former Napoli manager, following his brief trip to London to discuss with the Premier League side, is now back in Italy where he’ll wait until something happens.

The report continues by explaining Sarri is showing the ‘first signs of nervousness’ as he’s not convinced Chelsea will be able to find an ‘exit path with Antonio Conte’, forcing the Blues to keep their current manager for an extra year.

This, they say, is why Fali Ramadani, the man in charge of getting everything sorted, has ‘so far moved with great shyness towards Naples’, knowing he can’t do anything with the new manager before the old one is gone.

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While this is going on, Gianfranco Zola, who would take over as technical director, is said to be throwing names of footballers at Sarri, planning as if the job was already his.

However, all this doesn’t mean the negotiations are off, and Il Mattino believe Sarri’s staff will be at Cobham on Friday to sort out their potential deals in case everything falls into place.

On top of everything, there still remains the problem of how much Aurelio de Laurentiis will want to release his former manager from his current contract, which is still valid.

The local newspaper explain there’s a chance Sarri could request a meeting with his old president, try and put their differences aside and negotiate a way of amicably putting to bed the situation once and for all.

It’s not the best news, but it’s an update on the situation from a source known to have decent contacts at their regional club.

Don’t shoot the messenger.