Paul Pogba

Everyone’s favourite Italian journalist Gianluca Di Marzio has of course been neck deep in Paul Pogba to Manchester United rumours over the past week.

On Tuesday evening he posted an update which explained things were getting serious on Pogba returning to Old Trafford. That’s been a theme of the Italian media on Tuesday, with Gazzetta dello Sport and Tuttosport both saying the same in their newspapers.

The update from Di Marzio is that Manchester United today submitted an offer of €101m for Pogba. Why €101m and not €100m? Why not… plus it would be a record transfer if Gareth Bale is counted at €100m and the actual price of Neymar ignored.

Anyway, Di Marzio says Juventus will likely be submitting a counter offer of up to €120m, plus bonuses for several things.

That takes everything to around the €120m/€125m figure favoured by Gazzetta this morning, although it’d take a few bonuses for it to reach the €140m figure published by Tuttosport.