Clearly not impressing José Mourinho at Manchester United enough to make a league start, Matteo Darmian could have his first start of the season against Feyenoord on Thursday.

Whether that happens or not remains to be seen, but the 26-year-old has seemingly disappeared off the face of the earth, with reports of his relationship with the Portuguese manager being rather poor.

This, of course, has led to rumours of a possible exit for the former Torino star, and while a return to Italy (either temporary or permanent) would make a lot of sense, Chelsea are apparently keen on the player.

That is, at least, what Calciomercato have to say in a very brief article on the player’s future, claiming the London club have joined Juventus and Napoli in the list of clubs interested in Darmian.

The entirety of the article is: ‘Oltre a Juventus e Napoli ci sarebbe anche il Chelsea sulle tracce di Matteo Darmian, esterno difensivo classe 1989 in scadenza nel 2019 con il Manchester United.’

We’ve had a look around, and we can’t really find another source for this article, suggesting it may come from the Italian website, but you would’ve thought they would make a bigger deal out of it if that was the case.

The story has already made its way to English newspapers, and will no doubt become a ‘thing’, but if Calciomercato only deem it worthy of one sentence then they don’t sound too convinced themselves.

It’s a bit weird, but this could just be the case of Antonio Conte + sad Darmian = lightbulb for a story.