Italy’s TMW are keeping up their record of claiming anything remotely imaginable over Everton’s managerial situation, slapping the word ‘esclusiva’ on it, and throwing it out there.

TMW do have good connections in Italy but they increasingly step into situations they’re clearly less informed on, and claim to know everything that’s going on. That leads to a whole load of contradictions, but at least they’re ‘esclusiva’ contradictions.

The latest claim is there’s a ‘good chance of white smoke’ on Sean Dyche to Everton. Well, yes, it’s one of the most obvious outcomes, with the Burnley manager being a favourite for the position since Ronald Koeman left Goodison Park.

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Everton moving for Dyche was an assumption made by many, although getting him and Bunrley to agree is quite another matter.

That’s where Jaap Stam comes in. TMW claim Burnley are considering the Reading manager to replace Dyche should he leave.

All of this is reasonable stab-in-the-dark stuff, educated guesses of varying degrees, it just gets annoying that TMW have to slap ‘esclusiva’ on everything and try and keep up a pretence they’ve got any idea what’s happening at Everton and/or Burnley.