When we go through the foreign media, we don’t cover everything we find, because otherwise we’d finish the day with about 50 articles each and we’d end up repeating ourselves, a lot.

One of the sections we tend to avoid in most newspapers are the European football transfer round-ups because they tend to cover rumours that are just circulating on social media and are there to give the readers a quick catch up of what they might have missed.

This means it’s not their info, and therefore isn’t really of interest to us.

That’s why on Tuesday, we never saw the ‘Lucas Moura says yes to Manchester United’ story, if you want to call it that, in Gazzetta dello Sport, which has since been picked up and passed off as the Italian newspaper’s exclusive report.

We were asked about this on social media, so we decided to have a look, and the story is definitely in there, but it’s amid a bunch of news that definitely isn’t Gazzetta’s, like Antoine Griezmann asking for £400k/week to move to Old Trafford.

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What we think might have happened here is the Italian outlet picked up the news from Téléfoot that ‘Lucas Moura wants a move to Manchester United above all the other options at his disposal’ that was doing the rounds on Monday, and just included it in their Tuesday edition.

If it was their own information, they would most likely have a separate article on it.

Furthermore, we’d find it hard to believe an Italian newspaper would have something as big as that on a Brazilian winger living in France wanting a move to England when no Italian clubs are interested in him.

It might happen, but it certainly seems unlikely.

Furthermore, the rumours of Paris Saint-Germain wanting €20-25m for Lucas also seem unfounded, as Le Parisien on Tuesday report the Ligue 1 leaders want around €40m for the Brazilian.

Unsurprisingly, they also mention his entourage would favour a move to the Premier League, more specifically Liverpool, and we all know why that is.

*cough* Coutinho money *cough*

While they do also mention Manchester United, they say the Red Devils would only want him on loan, but that’s an option neither the player nor the club are interested in.

It’s all going a bit mad.