Brendan Rodgers won’t have been left happy with Celtic’s 2-0 loss to Valencia in the Champions League, and it’s fair to say the Spanish media weren’t so impressed with the Scottish Premiership side either.

But what did get good coverage in Spain, as it so often does, was the atmosphere and specifically how fans of both Celtic and Valencia made a bond.

At the end of the match, Celtic Park applauded the travelling supporters, who then responded by chanting the Glasgow club’s name.

This is probably helping create a feeling of excitement rather than fear as Spain prepares for the second leg.

Valencia regional sport newspaper Super Deporte say there’s going to be ‘invasion’ of Celtic fans. They believe that despite advice not to travel without a ticket, 7000 will be doing so.

They go on to say that many of those Celtic fans will actually be staying in Benidorm, where there’ll be plenty of accommodation with it being out of season.

It takes about an hour and a half to get from Benidorm to Valencia, whether that’s by road or train.