The European press continues to have an update on Rodrigo Battaglia’s situation at Sporting every single day of the week.

Today it’s newspaper Correio da Manhã with a story on the midfielder, claiming that the Lions manager Jorge Jesus doesn’t want him to go in the summer.

According to the outlet, the Portuguese boss thinks Battaglia has done a great job replacing William Carvalho in midfield when needed, and will do his best to stop the player from leaving.

Roma is currently considered to be the biggest threat to take the player from Sporting, even though other clubs such as West Brom, West Ham, Sevilla, Napoli, Fiorentina and AC Milan are all interested as well.

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But none of these sides have made a bid for the player so far. Not even Roma, who reportedly have been meeting Sporting to talk about the player.

The English clubs are starting to get less attention in the Battaglia stories. Weeks ago, it was common to see mentions to West Brom’s offer in the January window and West Ham’s intention to sign him in the summer. But now it seems that Italian sides are equally interested, making the race a lot more competitive for the transfer window.

Battaglia is currently protected by a €60m release clause, with reports saying Sporting will demand at least half of it to let him go.