Club dedicated websites normally aren’t the best sources for transfer news, especially because they tend to favour their own side of stories.

But there’s an exclusive claim from Bernabeu Digital that doesn’t really have to do with Real Madrid. And since it’s starting to make some noise in the foreign press, we thought we better cover it.

The website is claiming that Iker Casillas has decided to leave Porto at the end of the season, and has already chosen the club he will play for. That’s Liverpool.

The theory started when Porto played Liverpool at Anfield for the Champions League, as Casillas spoke to Jurgen Klopp after the game, and made an Instagram post using the ‘You’ll never walk alone’ chant.

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Now Bernabeu Digital claims that they confirmed that suspicion, and Casillas is indeed moving to Anfield. The outlet makes a big deal out of it, claiming it’s exclusive news, with it’s headline written in gold on their front page.

Since the goalkeeper’s contract with Porto expires at the end of the season, he would be joining the Reds for free. Liverpool reportedly offered him a one-year contract, with an option to extend for a further season.

Let’s wait and see what the Portuguese and the Spanish press have to say about the matter in Wednesday’s papers. For now, it’s just another story on Casillas to Liverpool rumours.