English clubs continue to have a ridiculously easy task if they want to sign Yacine Brahimi in the summer transfer window.

The Portuguese press is having regular stories saying how available the player is, and today, there are two more of them.

Starting with Correio da Manhã, as they write about the Porto striker Moussa Marega, they end up saying that Brahimi is expected to leave as well.

After Ricardo Pereira, who was sold to Leicester City, Brahimi would be the second to get a transfer, with Marega being the third on the list.

Now this feeling that Brahimi is leaving also comes from other sources, as newspaper A Bola has an article about it today. They claim that Roma, who are the most interested club, are reluctant to pay the player’s €30m price, as they find it ‘an exaggeration’.

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Speaking of other possibilities, A Bola says there are English clubs interested, although they don’t name any of these sides.

Three English clubs have been linked to Yacine Brahimi this year: Everton, Newcastle United and Wolverhampton Wanderers.

Both Everton and Newcastle’s chase has gone quiet in the past few months, even though they still have the profile of clubs who could pay €30m for the winger.

Now the Wolves’ interest, which was more recent, didn’t last very long. Mostly because the Portuguese media reported that Brahimi had problems under Nuno Espírito Santo when they worked together at Porto.

The local papers never made it clear if these issues could be left behind or not, as the rumour quickly disappeared. That’s why Wolves aren’t even mentioned in the story.

But given this chance to get the player, wouldn’t Espírito Santo be interested? With nine goals and seven assists, Brahimi was pretty important in Porto’s league title this season, and we’re pretty sure the Portuguese boss was paying attention to his former club’s campaign.

The new €30m price sounds very reasonable given what has been claimed before.