Even though João Carvalho’s move from Benfica to Nottingham Forest has gone quiet for the past couple of days, local outlet Record is back with some updates this Tuesday.

On their website, the newspaper had a short article covering claims from England, which said the midfielder should be Forest’s most expensive signing ever, costing the club £10m.

But Record insists that some bonuses should make this number bigger, with the Championship side spending up to €15m for the complete deal.

The report has also claimed that the transfer should be concluded before the weekend, although there’s still no information on when the move will be officially announced by the clubs.

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What Record has ignored this time is the move of Diogo Gonçalves, who was expected to go along with Carvalho, but on a loan deal. He’s forgotten in the article, which shouldn’t mean much, but it’s still different from all the stories we’ve covered about this deal before.