Ricardo Pereira transfer rumours have been popping up repeatedly in recent weeks, and it’s not too hard to believe someone is pushing claims out to the media.

Several clubs have been linked with the Leicester City star, and now Estadio Deportivo bring an article explaining Barcelona interest could impact Real Betis.

Estadio is a Seville based newspaper so they concentrate on Betis and specifically Emerson. The right back joined Betis in 2018 in a joint operation with Barcelona. Both clubs paid a percentage of the fee, and Barca can sign the player for €6m in 2021.

Should they want him before then they’d have to pay around €15m.

Another Barca option is said to be the Leicester player, with the Premier League club wanting ‘no less’ than €35m. Given how Brendan Rodgers’ side have negotiated transfers in recent years, that figure looks optimistic for any interested sides.

Pereira has a contract until June 2023, so there’s no pressure on the Foxes.

And it could be that contract which is key, there hasn’t been a renewal since the fullback joined from Porto, so the idea of pushing interest to encourage a new deal can’t be excluded.