It’s near enough guaranteed that when there’s a big European match in Madrid there’ll be clashes between away fans and the local police, and often the centre of the trouble is Plaza Mayor. Fans are encouraged to head to the big square, which has many bars and restaurants with seats outside. For those who can’t enjoy those bars without causing trouble, it’s a perfect mixture.

Whenever there is trouble, the Spanish press cover it widely. Tuesday evening saw arrests in the area with some Leicester followers described as ‘hooligans’.

On Wednesday the situation has only increased with more fans in the city meaning more fans in Plaza Mayor. The situation is described as one of ‘chaos’. Cadena Ser Radio report that some Leicester City fans threw beer at the local police, who were then forced to charge. There’s been 8 injuries, but Cadena Ser don’t point out whether that’s to fans or police.

There’s video of part of the square during the worst of today’s incidents, and it looks more serious than what happened on Tuesday evening.