When José Mourinho was fired from his job at Tottenham, few would have predicted that Spurs and AS Roma would end playing ‘Manager Swap’.

However, a lack of attainable options for Daniel Levy meant he has had to revert to a name many won’t have predicted as the Special One’s successor: Paulo Fonseca.

The Portuguese manager didn’t really excel in Rome, which is why his contract wasn’t renewed, although he did end up guiding them to a Europa League semi-final this year.

Regardless, Fonseca appears set to be the new man in charge at Tottenham, and with that will come new transfer targets.

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One player the manager got along with a lot in Rome was Gianluca Mancini, and La Repubblica reckon he could turn to his former pupil to try and bolster Spurs’ defence.

The newspaper explain ‘it’s inevitable to think that now his market attention can also turn to Italy and in particular Rome’, with three players described as ones ‘he had developed a genuine passion for’.

The first is the aforementioned Mancini, while the other two are Gonzalo Villar and Lorenzo Pellegrini.

The problem for Tottenham in all this, however, is that they are seen as ‘unattainable goals’, or at least, ‘almost’ that.

Not only that, but they’ll have to convince a certain José Mourinho to let them go to bolster his ex-team.