Since Ineos got their shares in Manchester United, and indeed throughout the long process of them working to do so, there’s been some worry in France about their commitment to Nice.

There was concern that after securing the Red Devils shares, that’s where all their attention, and indeed money, would be heading, and Nice would either be left way behind or sold on.

Adding to that, there’s recently been claims stating Ineos plan to do just that and that they’re seeking to sell the Ligue 1 side. Tuesday’s edition of Nice Matin takes a sledgehammer to those claims.

It’s stated Ineos have moved to ‘privately deny’ that they have any intention of selling the French club, so are not working to do so. They’re planning to make some public statements soon which will make that stance clear.

First, the group are finalising the details required by UEFA so that both Manchester United and Nice can take part in the Europa League next season. Once that’s done, it’s insinuated they’ll talk.

Nice have just hired a new manager and sporting director, and Nice Matin state: ‘Those close to the petrochemical group cite the arrivals of Franck Haise and Florian Maurice as symbols of their attachment to the Riviera club. “One of the two best coaches in France over the last three years according to his peers and a very good sports director”.’