Former Colombia international Oscar Cordoba has hit out at Everton’s James Rodriguez over his latest comments on Twitch.

Rodriguez has become something of a nuisance for Everton on the social media platform of late, regularly commenting on his situation and his future while streaming video games.

His latest incident, during a broadcast which lasted two hours and 40 minutes, saw him claiming that he didn’t even know who Everton are playing this weekend, inviting his viewers to clue him in.

That has naturally not gone down well with the Everton fan base, who are growing tired of the Colombian and his antics on the platform after several weeks of comments about the club and himself.

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This latest one is the one that has really struck a chord, though, with many believing the midfielder has shown a lack of respect to his current employers.

That’s a sentiment that Cordoba, who made over 70 appearances for his country between 1993 and 2009, shares with the Toffees fanbase.

“The James thing is indefensible,” Futbol Red report him saying.

“It’s a lack of respect for your teammates.”

What happens now with Rodriguez remains to be seen. It seems clear he wants out of Everton this summer, and the Blues don’t appear to be standing in his way either.

Finding a new club for him has not been as easy as either would have imagined, though, with last season clearly failing to dispel the doubts about him.

Perhaps that is the point of his regular comments on Twitch, which at the minute seem to be an effort to present himself as unprofessional as possible.