Celtic face Red Bull Salzburg in the Europa League on Thursday evening, and the Austrian media have been covering the club repeatedly over the past few days.

The history of Brendan Rodgers’ side has been detailed by several outlets, and whilst it’s explained the team isn’t at the level it has seen sometimes, the stories about fans remain as glowing as usual.

Salzburger Nachrichten have been speaking to the man who is quite probably Celtic’s biggest supporter in Austria.

Klaus Waha is a ‘staunch Celtic fan’, according to the newspaper, and it quickly becomes clear they’ve got a very good point.

The lawyer doesn’t just admire Celtic from afar, he’s actually been to 21 matches against Rangers, and will be in attendance against Red Bull Salzburg on Thursday, with friends he’s made from Glasgow.

Speaking to Salzburger Nachrichten, Klaus explained: “Actually, this has to do with my dad, who came back from staying in Scotland as an ardent Celtic fan, Celtic is the team, he used to say, and that’s what impressed me.

“Once you’ve seen a game at Celtic Park, you just have to love this club, it’s an incomparable atmosphere with a volume that’s never repeated in Europe, Celtic is the club in Europe.”

It seems like Klaus is playing his own part in growing Celtic’s support, and he added: “I’ve been to Celtic matches with Salzburg friends and acquaintances in Glasgow over and over again – and many have returned as ardent Celtic fans.”