Mexico is celebrating their Independence anniversary this week . The date isn’t only remembered in the country, but at their embassies all over the world as well.

They have a very famous compatriot in the United Kingdom these days, which is Wolverhampton Wanderers star Raúl Jiménez. So amid the events held by their London embassy, they had a chat with the national team striker.

It turned out to be a quite interesting interview, in which Jiménez was really open when talking about his arrival in England and his future at the Premier League side.

First speaking of his decision to sign for Wolves, the striker admitted he hadn’t heard of the city, but definitely doesn’t regret having joined them.

“I did not know. The little I knew of England was London, Newcastle. I knew very little about England and I didn’t know anything about Wolverhampton,” Jiménez told the Mexican Embassy (via Infobae).

“It was one of the best decisions I’ve made. It was difficult because I was with the national team in Denmark and that’s where the offer came to me. They told me about the club, about the project. I said ‘it’s not a well-known team’ and I had to investigate. It was an interesting choice and to this day I do not regret having taken it.”

He also spoke a little about the affection he gets from the club’s fans: “It’s very nice to hear that they sing a song for you or that they shout the goals at the stadium.”

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Regarding his future, Raúl Jiménez couldn’t rule out a possible departure from the Molineux side, making it clear he’d like to return to the Champions League someday.

“I have three more seasons left. If I stay here at the Wolves, I’d be very happy. We know that anything can happen and there could be a change. I’m open to everything.

“I already had the luck to play some games [in the CL]. It’s something incredible and it’s in my plans to play again, but first I have to do what I have to do with Wolves.”