Marcel Brands loves talking about interest in himself and what a difficult step it would be to leave PSV. This is clear, he’s done it several times over the past couple of weeks or so and the leaks to the Dutch media only look like they have one source.

It’s unlikely Chelsea and then Everton both leaked almost identical stories about having interest in Brands to De Telegraaf newspaper a few months ago, and it’s unlikely it came from PSV.

Brands has been flirting with a move to the Premier League for a while, but now it’s seemingly a genuinely opportunity for him, he continues to play a little hard to get.

It’s all quite confusing.

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Eindhoven Dagblad report Brands’ future will quickly become ‘clear’, quoting the PSV sporting director as saying: “I’m not going to wait too long and will soon make a decision. The decision has not yet been taken. It is difficult to leave all this behind. At PSV I work with people from whom I know what I have and who I cherish for years.”

Either the whole Everton interest has been talked up, by all involved, and it’s the Goodison Park club who aren’t so sure, with Brands saving face, or the Dutchman is genuinely stringing the English club out, which seems slightly odd.

Either Brands wants to leave PSV, and there was no point in flirting with an exit if he’s not sure, or he doesn’t. This really doesn’t need to become a soap opera.