Currently top of the Premier League after 10 games, five points clear of bitter rivals Manchester United, Manchester City are on course to walking the league.

Obviously, there’s another 28 games to go, and few will forget last season’s rather impressive collapse after a similar fine start, but this season feels a bit different, mostly because more players appear to be turning up.

One of those is Leroy Sané, who now has six goals and five assists in 10 league appearances this season, and there’s only one man to thank for this upturn in form, the man he joined Manchester City for in the first place: Pep Guardiola.

Speaking to France Football, the 21-year-old opened up about his manager.

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He said: “I’m here because he is. I came mostly for him, because what he did at Bayern and Barcelona is incredible. He took his players to a new level. They were transformed, all that while winning many titles.

“When I spoke to young players who worked under him, they all told me he’s a great manager, that you learned a lot with him. He likes to help his players progress, by making them work hard. It’s the main reason why the scales tipped in City’s favour”.

It’s fair to say that a few of the club’s signings probably had a similar attitude when they signed for the club, and that’s exactly what the board’s hope was when they appointed the Spaniard.

To bring in players that might not have been interested otherwise, get them to gel together, and win stuff.

The first two seems to be well on their way.

All they’re lacking now is the last bit.