Newcastle United striker Joelinton has given an interview today to the Brazilian edition of Goal.

Currently preparing himself to return to playing for the club, the 23-year-old talked a little about how he’s been doing during the Coronavirus pandemic.

“It is a strange moment, totally different from what I have ever lived. But I understand the whole situation in the world and we have to do our part,” Joelinton told Goal.

“During my time at home I tried to exercise to keep my shape close to the ideal and, now that we are coming back little by little, we hope that everything goes well and that we can safely resume football.”

Signed in a €45m deal from Hoffenheim last summer, Joelinton had a good start for the Magpies, scoring the winning goal against Tottenham Hotspur back in August.

However, the striker hasn’t found the net in the Premier League since then, and hopes to improve once the competition resumes.

“I think that for any striker, going for a while without scoring is bad, it leaves us with great anxiety. But I think it’s part of this beginning of trajectory in English football, and I’m not used to being shaken by a bad moment. I seek strength to train, improve and return to the games to score goals and help Newcastle come out with the victories. We always have to improve, seek evolution. It’s a league with great teams, excellent players and coaches, so the level is very high. I know that I’m prepared for this, and I train daily to evolve and be up to the games I play.”

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Regarding rumours which recently linked him to Turkish clubs, Joelinton claims to be keeping himself away from transfer news.

“I don’t usually get involved in rumours, negotiations. This is usually in the hands of the club and my agents, even so that I can stay focused on my work, on my goals. Newcastle were the club that believed in my football, which opened the doors of the Premier League for me and that made a big investment in my signing. I don’t like to plan the future too much, I prefer to live in the present. And today I say that I’m very happy here at the club and that I still want to give a lot of joy to the Newcastle fans, making a Premier League season of a high level and, who knows, taking the club to an international competition.”

The striker has also been asked about the hardest central defender he’s faced so far, and his response was the same as many Premier League players.

“Van Dijk, without a doubt. He’s a very good player, of high level, strong, fast, intelligent and with a very refined technique. He’s a complete defender.”