Everton players held a double press conference at the Brazilian national team camp today. The first to talk was Allan, whose interview we covered earlier, and Richarlison had a chat with the local media as well.

The attacker is probably the most charismatic player in the squad these days, so it’s no he started by claiming the new kit is looking good because he ‘helped with his beauty’ in the advertising.

There’s also been a funny case as Neymar was recently banned from Twitch after leaking Richarlison’s phone number. The Everton star had to get a new line, but claims it’s all fine between them.

“I have a very good friendship with him here in the national team,” said Richarlison (via Globo Esporte).

“We bring joy inside, and we want to take this to the pitch. Outside of it, we became friends. He ended up getting a ban because he tried to call me, and the fans took the opportunity to text me. It was a healthy joke, which went a little wrong for him and me (laughs). We have a very good friendship. I dyed my hair, and he dyed it too, then he said he imitated me.”

On his time in the Premier League and the work with Carlo Ancelotti, Richarlison talked about the improvement he’s been having at Everton.

“I ended up learning many things. Now, with Ancelotti, a guy who won everything, he’s always telling me some story, correcting me, guiding me. That’s what makes a player evolve. I can only grow with his arrival, and who knows, I can become a scorer and grow even more as a professional.

“Ancelotti himself has already said that I’m among the 10 best strikers he has coached and that’s an honour for me. It motivated me a lot, I want to improve even more. He already told me that I’ll win the Golden Ball, that I’ll win several championships. I’ll trust the man’s word. Now I just need to improve, working hard in training, so I can continue to evolve.”

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Richarlison also talked about Allan, who recently joined Everton and was standing by his side at the press conference.

“I always play with Allan, that it’s just for him to steal the ball and give it to me, that I’ll decide up front (laughs). He arrived to raise the level of our team, Everton. We took a very big leap with his arrival. Due to the good form of the team, and due to him too, he managed to reach the national team again. I’m happy for him too. Allan will also fight to play, because he’s a hard worker, who fights for everything. I hope he can reap good fruit.”

On his work outside of football, Richarlison talked about the actions he’s been engaging in Brazil and the inspiration from Manchester United star Marcus Rashford.

“This is something that I hit the key a lot on, especially on social networks. I try to help as many people as possible. Today I’m an ambassador of USP, helping to fight the coronavirus. I try to take my visibility to help people in need. If there’s an important cause to be resolved, I’m always putting my face on it. Certainly the authorities will look with affection. I use this in a correct way. Other players can help in some way, but that’s up to each one. They are difficult things, not everyone will face. But it’s important that I’m doing this, setting an example for other athletes.

“There is the case of Rashford, who’s helped children in England. It is a case that serves as inspiration for many players and other famous people with visibility. About critics, I don’t care much about it. I’m a guy very focused on what I do, I know that very well. Whoever bugs me, I put it aside, I don’t care much. I do what I think is best for me and the people I’ll help.”