The Colombian version of AS today features an interview with Luis Sinisterra, who’s just had a very good season with Feyenoord and is aiming for higher levels in his career.

So the subjects of the interview were basically two: the upcoming challenges for the national team and his potential move to a new club this summer.

AS points out the winger has been linked to ‘powerful’ European sides, with Arsenal and Bayer Leverkusen both in the chase for him. And even though Sinisterra seems excited with those possibilities, he claims to have his feet on the ground.

“I’m very calm and I try not to be aware of news that in the end are nothing more than rumours,” Sinisterra told AS.

“I try to be focused on the day to day with my team, train in the best way for the matches and give them the best. Coming to the end of the season, I’ll sit down with the club and my agent and we’ll look at what is best for me.”

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“There’s a lot of talk, we all know that the situation of the teams is not at its best due to Covid, but it would also be a nice achievement to be able to go out and set a record. We’ll know that after the season, when the final is over, that will be the right time to find out and see what awaits me in the future.”

It was back in March that Arsenal emerged as one of the favourites to sign Sinisterra. At that time, it was said the Gunners were one of the clubs who placed an offer for him, as he was close on leaving Feyenoord for around €15m.

Sinisterra has 23 goals and 14 assists for the Dutch side this season, and a new step for him would be no surprise this summer.