Chelsea star Eden Hazard has given an interview to ESPN Brasil this week. Just a day after scoring his incredible goal against West Ham United, the Belgian international had to talk about the feeling it gave him.

“You know, it was a great night for me, for us,” Hazard told João Castelo Branco from ESPN Brasil. “I’m just happy to score these kind of goals. I think for the player it’s great, but also for the fans, to watch these kind of goals. That’s why we love football, for these moments. I try to do it more often, but sometimes, it’s not so easy. So I hope to score more goals like that in the future.”

Regarding the remaining fixtures of the Premier League, Hazard insists it’s a big deal for the club to seek a place in the top four.

“Two years in a row, not playing the Champions League, is hard for the players, but also for the club. Chelsea has to play the Champions League every year. But it’s hard, because we’re not the only team trying to play a Champions League.”

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Quizzed about how it feels to get linked to Real Madrid so often, Hazard claims he doesn’t have much to say about it: “Nothing. I’m just focused on Chelsea. We must play for Top 4, try to win the Europa League. And then for the fans, I think it’s the most important thing, it’s when they see me on the pitch, they just think my head is with Chelsea. So we’ll see after.”

When speaking of the future, Hazard touched on the Ballon d’Or and how hard it is to win.

“In the future, I think Neymar is quite the same age as me, Mbappe is very young. He can be the future Ballon D’Or for many years. But the English generation is very good as well.”

Asked by João Castelo Branco if he will be in that battle, Hazard said: “I don’t care about this. I just wanna give my everything on the pitch, if I win, I’ll be very happy. If not, it’s not a problem. I’ll give everything for the club, and we’ll see.”

And he didn’t want to say if he’s good enough for that: “I don’t know. Maybe not. But like I said, I just try to reach the best level I can.”

Chelsea fans can’t ask for much more.