The appointment of Angelo Alessio at Kilmarnock has caught the attention of the Italian media, and not just because it gives them a chance to see if he can be a successful manager after so many years as Antonio Conte’s assistant.

The 54-year-old already has a few plans to bolster the Scottish Premiership side, keen to bring some success to Rugby Park in years to come.

One of those appears to be to fish in his former mentor’s new club’s youth team, plucking Facundo Colidio from Inter to help strengthen Killie’s frontline.

Gazzetta dello Sport have a small bit on it on Tuesday, stating that ‘in the past few hours, Kilmarnock’s interest in Colidio has been pointed out’.

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We’re not sure if they mean someone has told them about it, or they’ve just seen it around, but the news has reached Italy, and they quite like the idea.

The Italian newspaper explain a year in Scotland (on loan) could do the 19-year-old the world of good for his development, gaining first-team experience to toughen him up a bit.

High hopes have been placed on Colidio after Inter paid £9m for his services in 2017 to get him from Boca Juniors U20s, and if that means sending him to the Scottish Premiership to learn from their own manager’s former assistant, then so be it.

After all, there are few managers out there who know Antonio Conte’s system better than Angelo Alessio, and if this happens and is successful, with both managers remaining at the helm of their respective teams for a few years, perhaps a neat little partnership could be formed between the two sides?