It seems the idea of Leander Dendoncker somehow leaving Wolverhampton Wanderers early and heading to Roma in Serie A is growing in Italy, and everyone is getting involved.

The story seemingly started with Tuttosport and slowly but surely spread around the country, to the extent where LaRoma24 claim they got hold of Anderlecht’s director of football to ask him a couple of questions about it.

However, he didn’t have much to say on the matter, stating he ‘couldn’t reveal anything’ about Dendoncker’s possible exit from Wolves, but that January 2nd could make things much clearer.

Corriere dello Sport, who have a whole page dedicated to the Anderlecht loanee on Wednesday, took these comments as a good sign, since Michael Verschueren didn’t explicitly refute the possibility of a transfer.

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This mixed with the fact Roma made a trip to Belgium in early December and there an already existent interest last summer adds up to ‘there must be something there’.

They don’t really provide much else in terms of details, but a lot will rest on the terms behind Wolverhampton’s redemption clause.

There was a belief it was obligatory, but details never really emerged, so it’s still all a bit murky.

If it is, then he might have to wait until next summer before getting his move.