Italy’s SportMediaSet this morning claimed: ‘Icardi is in the United States. Wanda Nara (his wife and agent) is in England. The first is training with Inter, the second discusses her husband’s future with Wenger.’

Rumours about Arsenal interest in Mauro Icardi have been growing for several days, launched mainly by Wanda Nara herself claiming she was aware there’d been some sort of an approach.

It’s been easy to doubt the claims, based on the easy to reach conclusion that Arsene Wenger and Arsenal wouldn’t really be too keen on the Icardi and Nara circus landing on their lap.

However, after the SportMediaSet claims, Nara sent out a tweet wishing her followers a good day. Location marking was turned on… and it said London.

That’s obviously causing quite a fuss on social media, and will catch on in the Italian press soon.

It’s almost certainly not an innocent accident.

It has been pointed out to us that a location can be set to whatever a person wants, regardless of where they actually are. That would surely be too dramatic even for Wanda Nara, wouldn’t it?

Maybe this is all true and Icardi will sign for Arsenal, maybe it’s all a ploy to get more money out of Inter, or maybe there’s some other interest in London… who could rule out West Ham fancying such a high profile and ‘glamourous’ move?