Called up for Brazil’s upcoming games, Thiago Silva is now close to making 100 appearances for the national team. That’s why Globo Esporte features a pretty long interview recalling his entire international career.

The Chelsea defender has just turned 37, and now works to go further, as he currently fights for a chance to be at the World Cup next year.

So part of the chat was about his efforts and the way he manages himself to play at an advanced age, claiming he wants a lot more.

“I wish I could play forever, man. But we can’t, right?” Thiago Silva told Globo Esporte.

“I came to understand that food was my fuel. And it’s no use using adulterated gasoline because the car won’t work.”

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Thiago Silva acknowledges he can’t play the same way as before, but is glad to be in the Premier League with Chelsea at this age.

“Of course, today I don’t have the same explosion that I had at Fluminense, but there are things I didn’t have at the beginning and today I have a lot, which is the experience. You cut a lot of paths, you can read a lot of things before they happen. Back then I ran, but I didn’t think. Today I run less and think more, you know? I’m 37 years old, playing in one of the top leagues in the world, in one of the biggest clubs, at a high level.

“This, somehow, makes me very proud. Saying ‘Thiago, you love what you do, you deserve everything you have because you are dedicated and do it out of love’.”

Following Chelsea’s clash against Southampton on Sunday, Thiago Silva travels to South America to feature for Brazil. They’re playing Venezuela, Colombia and Uruguay in World Cup qualifiers, and with the defender being a regular starter and the team captain, he should easily get to the 100 appearances for the national team by then.