On Monday, we covered an article on La Provincia’s website where Roque Mesa discussed a variety of topics following his move to Swansea in the summer, including pubs and the club’s great fans.

Amid this summary of the interview was a little bit about his future, having been linked with a return to Spain in January, where he suggested he wasn’t actively thinking about leaving Liberty Stadium anytime soon.

However, on Tuesday, we noticed the actual interview had been put up, but it was behind a paywall.

We decided to see if anything else had been said, and we quickly noticed that while similar topics were discussed, some of the wording had changed, with Roque Mesa’s desire to stay at Swansea far stronger than what the other piece led us to believe.

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He said: “This is my idea: to stay and continue to fight. I want to play. That’s clear. My idea is to play. If I don’t play, then I’ll look for something else. I am staying and will die for me dreams. If I play, and am given more opportunities, then I want to do that here.

“You never know. Everything changes overnight. Many things could change. There could be a managerial change or an alteration in the way we play. That’s football. At this very moment, my idea is to fight and stay here”.

The defensive midfielder even commented on the rumours themselves, although he doesn’t know if there was any truth to them, just that when a player doesn’t feature for his team, it’s normal for transfer talk to emerge.

Either way, Roque Mesa isn’t going anywhere, and the fact he’s started three of Swansea’s last four games suggests Paul Clement is beginning to trust the 28-year-old a lot more.