Going on a big spending spree this summer following their promotion to the Premier League, Leeds United also wanted to add a midfielder to their ranks.

They tried to get a few negotiations going around Europe, with players such as Rodrigo De Paul, José Campaña and Michaël Cuisance targeted.

The latter of the three came very close to his Elland Road move, going as far as undergoing a medical, but the transfer eventually collapsed, leading to the French midfielder signing with Marseille a few days later.

He’s yet to play with the Ligue 1 club, but he’s ready to do so, and has already put the Leeds issues behind me, as he told RMC Sport, relayed by Le10 Sport.

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He said: “I wasn’t afraid to work with [Marcelo] Bielsa, but it didn’t happen with Leeds. I still don’t know why. It’s good, because it allowed me to be at Marseille today.

“The Champions League was an important element for me. I did the final eight with Bayern, it made me want to play it more. The fact that Marseille were in it made me want to do it”.

Maybe one day we’ll find out why Cuisance’s transfer to the Premier League fell through, but if even he’s in the dark about it, it might be a secret that never emerges.

Either way, he’s at Marseille now, while Leeds have moved on and started well without him.